Architects on 35mm Film

Prior to the Holy Hell tour, I didn’t think film would be able to manage the insane task of shooting a live concert. Fast movement and horrendously bright flashing lights in an otherwise pitch black room are not exactly the ideal circumstances for a slow and thoughtful process like film photography. However, after a few successful experimental shots on some Portra 400, I thought I’d try a roll of Portra 800.

During Architects’ Berlin show I ventured into the photo pit for their first two songs and shot a roll. These are some of my favourite shots. Considering I’d never shot a roll during a concert I was surprised to find more than a couple decent shots. My next test will be the Fuji Superia 1600 during the next part of Beartooth’s Disease Tour.

Leica M6 TTL

Kodak Portra 800

Leica (Leitz) 35mm F2

Using Format