Beartooth Blackbird Sessions on 35mm Film

In April 2019, I flew down to Nashville and headed back to Blackbird Studios. It had been almost a year since Beartooth and I last visited the studio to record the album “Disease”. It created a very nostalgic atmosphere for those of us that spent a month within those walls, but strangely we fell so quickly back into place that it felt like we never left.

I brought my Leica M6 TTL along with me and shot a few rolls in between shooting for my actual role which I cannot mention yet. It turns out my Leica is underexposing significantly and will need repair work done. In the meantime I need only overexpose the negatives by half a stop to mitigate the issue. These images are shot on a mix of Ilford Delta 3200, Portra 400 and Fuji Superia 1600 pushed one stop.

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