Krasnogorsk Lives

Over the lockdown I became obsessed with trying to simulate celluloid film with digital cameras. After musing over it for months, I finally decided why not just shoot 16mm? Well, the price of course. I decided to try my hand at it despite my financial reservations. Kijiji came to the rescue with a Super 16 modded Krasnogorsk 3 on sale nearby. After a few touch ups, it seemed to be working. There was only one way to find out. I whipped out my phone and began furiously texting friends who do things. You know physically. They move around and create bits of art and things like that. Fortunately for me, my friend Stu and his crew had a big mural in the books. I followed them around for the day shooting 2-3 rolls of Vision3 before succumbing to a pile of Stellas and heading home.

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