No Shortcuts: Backroads Canada

Canada is a massive country, pockmarked with cities spread across vast distances on a sparsely populated landscape. Next Sunday we intend to find our way into the tiniest nooks hidden away from the average highway traveler. Roger Galvez, with camera crew (me and Vikas) in tow, will be traversing the country on a tiny 125cc motorcycle with a top speed of 105 km/h. The engine can’t handle high speeds for long which will force us to take backroads from Toronto all the way to Victoria, BC. We’ll be taken through almost all Canada has to offer, mountains, oceans, lakes, dense forests, desolate plains and finally the Fjords of the west coast.

I’ll be shooting a short documentary about the trip and all it’s trials and tribulations on my Sony FS7. So stay tuned on our shared blog

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