Deadmau5 at VELD 2016

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to shoot the debut show of Deadmau5’s new 25 foot tall robotic LED cube for his company. It was a surreal experience being wedged between this massive cube and an audience of some 20,000 people, whilst balancing on an 8 foot ladder wobbling around on the uneven ground of the photo pit. A security guard was nice enough to hold the ladder to ensure I didn’t break my neck.

No Shortcuts: Backroads Canada

Canada is a massive country, pockmarked with cities spread across vast distances on a sparsely populated landscape. Next Sunday we intend to find our way into the tiniest nooks hidden away from the average highway traveler. Roger Galvez, with camera crew (me and Vikas) in tow, will be traversing the country on a tiny 125cc motorcycle with a top speed of 105 km/h. The engine can’t handle high speeds for long which will force us to take backroads from Toronto all the way to Victoria, BC. We’ll be taken through almost all Canada has to offer, mountains, oceans, lakes, dense forests, desolate plains and finally the Fjords of the west coast.

I’ll be shooting a short documentary about the trip and all it’s trials and tribulations on my Sony FS7. So stay tuned on our shared blog

Liane Vaz Designs

Craftsmanship has always been one of my favourite things to shoot. Watching people go through their processes and work with their hands on something they truly care about is always fascinating. When Liane agreed to let me shoot her making her jewelry I was very excited. I’d never seen the steps required to turn something like stainless steel, a strong and powerful metal, in an almost malleable clay to be shape by her whims. It was truly a lot of fun to watch. She’s like a real life Magento. 

Thanks Liane!

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