Beartooth Blackbird Sessions on 35mm Film

In April 2019, I flew down to Nashville and headed back to Blackbird Studios. It had been almost a year since Beartooth and I last visited the studio to record the album “Disease”. It created a very nostalgic atmosphere for those of us that spent a month within those walls, but strangely we fell so quickly back into place that it felt like we never left.

I brought my Leica M6 TTL along with me and shot a few rolls in between shooting for my actual role which I cannot mention yet. It turns out my Leica is underexposing significantly and will need repair work done. In the meantime I need only overexpose the negatives by half a stop to mitigate the issue. These images are shot on a mix of Ilford Delta 3200, Portra 400 and Fuji Superia 1600 pushed one stop.

Beartooth on 35mm Film in Europe

To kick off 2019 I went out to Europe with Beartooth where they provided direct support for Architects on their Holy Hell run. This was slated to be a huge tour boasting room sizes up to 12,500 people, something I had never done before outside of festivals. Brimming with excitement I felt it was the perfect place to put my new Leica M6 TTL to the test. Armed with an assortment of films (Portra 400, Portra 800, Delta 400, Ektachrome 100), I tried a variety of settings trying to find the perfect set up for shooting shows. Unfortunately that doesn’t exist. Never the less I had fun attempting/failing/succeeding in covering a live metal show with an analog range finder from 1999.

Architects on 35mm Film

Prior to the Holy Hell tour, I didn’t think film would be able to manage the insane task of shooting a live concert. Fast movement and horrendously bright flashing lights in an otherwise pitch black room are not exactly the ideal circumstances for a slow and thoughtful process like film photography. However, after a few successful experimental shots on some Portra 400, I thought I’d try a roll of Portra 800.

During Architects’ Berlin show I ventured into the photo pit for their first two songs and shot a roll. These are some of my favourite shots. Considering I’d never shot a roll during a concert I was surprised to find more than a couple decent shots. My next test will be the Fuji Superia 1600 during the next part of Beartooth’s Disease Tour.

Leica M6 TTL

Kodak Portra 800

Leica (Leitz) 35mm F2

Using Format